Mindset & Inner Goddess Coaching

Hello lovely person,

Thank you for joining me here and being so courageous to take the first step towards your greatness! This can be very scary and you are already doing it – take time to congratulate yourself and smile 🙂

“My mission is for you to see just how wonderful, powerful and amazing you already are!”

I am no magician, as you already hold all the answers to your questions. What I help you to do is to find these answers, to be more aware of yourself and your body, and to start accept and loving yourself in the here and now. I know so many women who have wonderful ideas, who have a vision, but because of their loud ‘should-s’ and ‘must-s’ and ‘I can’t’, they want to give up and give in. I was one of those women. And it is completely normal and understandable to feel like this. One thing you need to know is that you are not alone in this. And you don’t have to do it all on your own.

What is Mindset Coaching?

The thoughts you’re thinking and belief system that you have literally reflect on your life. If you feel you can’t do something, there is a strong chance you won’t be able to do it. Why is that? The thing is that we only do and open ourselves up to the possibilities that we believe in. That is why it is so important to literally coach your mind and reprogram your thoughts that will empower you, instead of keep you down.

Did you know that 80% of your thoughts are negative?

This is literally almost all of the thoughts! We think negative, we are drawn to tragedies (just check news and count how many stories are positive!), and love to expect the worst. That is how we are right now. But what you might not we aware of, is that you have the power and the strength to change this. You can start thinking “I can!” instead of “I can’t”, or “I can achieve this goal.” instead of “I will never accomplish this.”

It does sound very easy, I admit it. But you see, it is a journey and you need to be persistent and very determined, because these negative and dis-empowering thoughts will creep back as soon as you’re no longer paying attention. And this is where I guide you and help you not only shape you thought that will work FOR you, instead of you, but we can also tackle and challenge your belief systems. Together we can create and shape these beliefs that will encourage, empower and support you, rather than bring you down. Isn’t this amazing?

Mindset Coaching with Tina Suklje

So what is stopping you if you already have all the answers? What stops us is our lack of self-love, self-acceptance, and negative thoughts that keep creeping back in as soon as you’re not feeling the best, when you feel down or simply when you don’t pay attention. These dis-empowering, hurtful, mean and oftentimes humiliating thoughts can completely paralyze us on our way to our greatness. Some of these thoughts include “You can’t do this!”, or “Who do you think you are?”, or “Who is going to buy anything from you?”, or “You don’t have enough experience/money/time …”.


Your thoughts have the power to influence how you feel. Just observe yourself next time when you’re feeling angry.

What were you thinking about?


It can be so scary and agonizing, feeling stuck in your own head. Feeling like it is a prison. I felt like this once. I was filled with anxiety, ‘should-s’, expectations mainly from myself, but also from friends, family and society, about what I ‘should’ be doing. But I knew that there was more. And if you have a feeling inside, that keeps whispering that there is more and that you can do it, thank you already have a very strong Inner Goddess.

Christina Pedelty Lindset and Inner Goddess Coaching with Tina Suklje

“Tina is amazing! When we first started working together our focus was on the mindset work I needed to get my coaching business started. From the start, I could tell she really hears her clients, is always encouraging, and puts her soul into her work. She had practical tools, resources, and exercises at the ready to suggest when appropriate.

As our relationship grew, the Universe had other plans for us, as I was thrust into a spiritual and emotional growth/healing phase pertaining to my relationship with my mother and my childhood. Tina took the shift in stride, and was immensely empathetic and supportive helping me work through acknowledging my pain.

She was forthcoming with reminding me to congratulate myself and acknowledge that I am doing hard work. Work that easily could get brushed aside as unnecessary, and isn’t for the faint of heart.

I am so blessed to have crossed paths with such a phenomenal coach!”


Christina Pedelty – Women’s Empowerment & Intentional Living Coach TheSustainableSoul

What is Inner Goddess Activation?

Inner Goddess for me is your soul, your heart, we often call it our gut feeling, our essence or our spirit. It is a very empowering and feminine way and I felt this is the right way to call our inner guide. It is something we can’t quite explain, but it’s usually right. Did you ever experience this? That you had a weird feeling about a certain person or a situation and you didn’t listen to yourself because you couldn’t put your finger on it. And then of course your Inner Goddess was right. This can really freak out our rational mind is it can’t quite understand it and we often get scared of this unexplained feeling. But it is a beautiful thing, a beautiful guide to your fulfilled and happy life! You may even be already aware of this feeling and of your Inner Goddess, but you are too scared to listen to her. All of your fears and “What ifs …” could stop you on your way to living a really beautiful and free life.

I am here to support you, guide you and empower you on your way to fully accept and love yourself, and to awaken who you truly are: Empowered Goddess.

And on this way, I show you how to love yourself, how to accept yourself, how to become more empowered, and ultimately how to stop being stuck and struggling. You can live the life that you deserve to live. You are amazing and this transformation takes a lot of courage, so give yourself credit and be proud of yourself! You can do so so much just with your mind and by listening to your Inner Goddess.

Do you:

 Feel stuck either in your job/relationship/environment and you’re unsure of what’s the next step in your life is, but you know you can do SO much more?
 Want to stop sabotaging yourself?
 Want to change your career but don’t have the courage to do it, feel you ‘should’ stick to your current job or feel that you can’t do it?
 Want to stop feeling helpless, fearful and anxious?
 Want to learn how to deal with Chronic Illness(es)? Being ill most of my childhood, more on than off, I’ve developed wonderful ways and remedies to keep myself strong and to keep my head above water.
 Want to learn how to deal with a dysfunctional relationship? Be it your family, or with a partner. I have an experience of a domestic violence in my romantic relationship, and I came out reborn and self-empowered.
 Want to learn how to say ‘no’ without feeling guilty?
 Want to learn how to take time for yourself?
 Want to know how to take care of yourself and love yourself just as you are right now (not after you lose a couple of pounds!)?
 Want to learn how to set yourself free from old resentment, anger, shame and guilt?
 Want to learn how to make a transition towards more natural and healthy lifestyle?
 Want to learn how to take better care of your mind, your emotions and your body?

These are just some of the struggles you may be facing at the moment and I can support you and show you how you can be your best friend.

Chloe Evans Energy Worker“Before my first session with Tina, I was facing a major decision. When I came to her, I was seeking clarity… and that was just what I found. I had asked the universe to send me someone or something that would help me process my decision- and Tina was an integral part of that. Her support, questioning and guidance helped me connect with my truth. She helped me realize that the feelings I was having were normal – I felt connected, heard and supported. Once we connected, I felt her support as she cheered along my wins and uplifted me where I had doubts. She recommended modalities of healing that I was unfamiliar with, but that truly made sense in my healing and expansion. I felt heard, authentically & completely.

But most of all, I felt that Tina was a part of my feeling like I could follow my heart, and follow my truth. I am so blessed to have connected with Tina.”

Chloe Evans – Energy Worker, Intuitive and Spiritual Teacher ChloeAnneEvans

Why am I the right person to support you?

We will see after our first session if I am the right person to support you. But here is just a glimpse of my life experiences:

 I changed my career from Criminal Justice expert to a Mindset Coach and Inner Goddess Activator and I empower women around the globe to be themselves in the way that I did it!

 I have a very strong background and passion for Psychology and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy*

 I also have a Diploma in Life Coaching* and Herbalism* (I’m an absolute nature lover!)

 I’m a super empowered woman, determined to succeed, embrace the challenges and make it happen no matter what!

 I healed myself of Sciatica and Lower Back Pain just with the Power of my Mind (How insane is this?!)

 I used to be depressed, anxious and pessimistic, and then I flipped myself around and pressed reboot: ever since I am feeling fulfilled, happy and optimistic

 I change my career COMPLETELY and opened my own business (whilst living abroad)

 I left a violent and dysfunctional relationship and now I’m in a truly fulfilling relationship

 I’ve moved to and lived in 3 countries (so far!) and I speak 4 languages fluently

 Instead of fearful, hopeless and helpless I became a fearless superwoman (and so can you!)

 Before I was disconnected from my body and as soon as I started listening to my Inner Goddess my life transformed!

 From ‘I can’t’ I went to ‘I CAN!’, from ‘I’m not good enough’ I went to ‘I’m a Freaking GODDESS!’ <3

 I love this journey and I’m growing, learning and improving every single day <3

 This is my absolute passion, my life’s purpose and the love of my life: to show you how POWERFUL, AMAZING and LOVABLE you already are, and that you truly CAN do anything you want to <3

*Here you can read more about Life Coaching, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) or Herbalism.

And I am by far not the only person doing this! In fact, anyone can do it, including you! You just need to decide that you will do it. You don’t need to know how you’re going to do it.

Stephanie Reiki Testimonial for Coaching with Tina Suklje

“I wanted to thank you for your help over the past 3 months Tina! I was in grieving process when we started, and I also wanted more time to develop my Reiki practice. You helped me to see in the good direction, to be more in peace, to take care of me, to love me and the consequences are that I left my job, started a new one with which i can have time to build my projects.


I am really happy about our work and simply to have met you! I enjoyed to work with you, the attention you gave me during and between our sessions. I wanted to leave that word online because I think you can help a lot of person to open to themselves and do what they really want to do.


Thank you and hope to see you soon!”

Stéphanie B. – Reiki practitioner

So how can you do this?

We always start with the first free session so I get to know you and chat with you, and you get to know me. This way we can see if we’re a good fit 🙂

Since this is a journey, and a very deep and life changing journey, it takes more than just a couple of sessions to be effective. This is why I have 3 or 6 month packages, that are tailored specifically to your needs. This means that we focus and work on whatever needs your attention most (it can be any of the above reasons or something else). It won’t always be easy, and oftentimes you get your Home Play. You see, it is not so much about me, but it is very important that you are ready and motivated to make a change. I can help you, support you and I am very good at recognizing your challenges, but I can’t make a progress instead of you. You truly can do this, and you can feel empowered, confident and happy again!

Below are two examples of my packages for 3 and 6 months and they include Personalized Workshops, where we meet online and we create or work on something that is made just for you. These are so much fun and have a really profound impact on your life and can make it so much easier!

mindset coaching and inner goddess activation self empowerment package Tina Suklje

Do you want to stop feeling helpless and you’re ready to start feeling empowered?



Are you fed up of feeling stuck and not progressing in your life?



Do you have enough of your self-sabotage and paralyzing fear and want to make a change in your life, really badly?

Then you are ready my love. Let’s do this! Book your first free session so we can meet, chat and so I can see how I can guide towards your fulfilled and desired life 🙂 You can book it here:

P.s.: If you didn’t find a suitable time, just drop me a line on my e-mail: info@worldnaturelle.com and we’ll find a time that will suit both of us 🙂

Are you curious about our fun, healthy and creative workshops? 🙂 Check them out below!

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