Meet Tina

Dear lovely person who is reading this,

Thanks so much for taking the time to visit my website and to have the courage to explore something different. I would like to start by introducing myself and how I transformed from a fearful, helpless and insecure woman into an empowered, inspired and abundant Mindset Coach and Inner Goddess Activator.

I am a young, enthusiastic, and full of life person with a positive perspective on life. Here is what I love doing and what makes me love my life so much:

 Above all, I love helping people out by being who I truly am and what I went through – every woman is beautiful, amazing, spectacular and unique and absolutely can do anything she wants!

 I love to cook tasty and healthy meals (you can see them on my social networks and on my blog),

 Travel, travel, travel (I’m also a House Sitter), moving around and discovering new places has made me who I am – I’ve lived in 3 countries so far and I speak four languages fluently!,

 I adoooore being in nature (no such thing as too much time in the nature),

 Taking photographs of nature, foods and furry friends I’m making across Europe,

 Writing my blogs, writing health related articles and book editing for Heart-centred writers

 I love spending time with animals and I absolutely love their honest love <3

 Spending time with family and friends,

 I enjoy being creative and artsy, be it in the kitchen, making natural creams, playing music or simply having loads of creative ideas,

 I like to laugh and invite my inner child to come out and play,

 I love to prosper, be in the now and appreciate my life. 🙂

I myself have been through different roller coasters, ranging from chronic illnesses, overcoming back pain where there was no solution (but then I healed it on my own just with the power of my mind!), I self-healed various conditions (such as cystitis and gastritis) and survived various emotional distresses, such as depression, anxiety and even domestic violence. My path was and remains very versatile with its ups and downs, but my enthusiasm, self-empowerment, love for myself and for life always helped me to get up and enjoy in life.

With my hands on experiences and optimistic view I am confident I can help you to get better, start to love yourself, help you make a change and abandon negative belief systems. I know you can do it and just by reading this you are already on the path to empower yourself and to live the life you’ve always wanted.

What knowledge and education do I have?

Studying Criminal Justice opened a completely new perspective in terms of Psychology of Crime and Profiling, which was also the major of my B.A. I continued my studies in the same programme, with the focus on Forensic Psychology, Criminal Profiling and ethnic minorities and successfully finished M.A. One of my first practical experiences was volunteering for the Victim Support UK where I also received a thorough training.

After that I decided that I will, instead of on crime, focus my life and attention on love and help I can offer to all of you who are going through the same struggles as I have. With an ultimate passion for psychology and self-healing, I decided to continue with my studies in this direction. Always being a very curious and knowledge-thirsty individual, I decided to enrol into Life Coach and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy studies in the UK. I combined this knowledge with my ultimate passion for natural healing and also obtained a Diploma in Herbalism. Since I am a firm believer that there is no institution, school or university who can teach us everything there is to know about a certain field, I am updating my knowledge and skills on a daily basis by following up the latest researches and publications in this field.

How did I come across self-healing and the passion for mind-body connection?

I’ve always had more of a melancholic state of mind, with a quick tendency for depression and anxiety. I first started working on myself and building up my self-confidence, self-love and my ‘can do!’ attitude when I experienced domestic violence in my very early 20s. Even though this was a tough experience, I just kept on rising after that as I turned my pain and hurt into love. I turned self-hatred into self-acceptance and then into self-love. I turned this painful experience into a bright future and now I’m empowering women around the globe to do the same and live the life they truly deserve.

The second important event was when I got a sudden onset and a long episode of sciatica and neither visits to the hospital, doctor nor medication was making me better. After trying absolutely everything I could, I read an amazing book, which revealed to me the world of mind and body connection. And suffice it to say, it turned my life upside down. Something I never believed in before, something I didn’t want to believe in to be honest! It is a very difficult start, I admit it, but it is so liberating and empowering. After that, I lived in different countries and had another drop in health and well-being due to not listening to myself. And this is the key to be free: just be aware of yourself and then listen to what comes up for you. Not what you think you should do, who you should be, with who you should be … Allow yourself to have different wishes, views or ideas of life that you are living right now or feel you should be living.

Why do I coaching online?

I wish I could be there for everyone in person – and we might meet in person one day. But until we are each in different countries and possibly continents, online consultations are such a bliss! This beautiful technology and internet made it possible for us to talk and cooperate – how amazing is that? 🙂

This way we get to meet and talk and I get to know so many wonderful women around the world!

What is Mindset Coaching?

Mindset Coaching means that we will tap into the power of your mind. Your mind has the power to heal, create, think, inspire and so much more! But did you know that you can stop those vicious negative self-destructive and self-humiliating thoughts that keep on dragging you down? And this is what I do as a Mindset Coach: we look at your thoughts, then we apply lots of loving support for you, and then we tackle and challenge first our thoughts and then our belief systems. Don’t worry if this is a bit confusing, you can ask me anything about it and I’d be happy to explain everything!

But why is it so important to coach your thoughts and belief systems? You seen, everyone who succeeded at any given point in their lives, had to change their thinking into ‘I can!’ instead of ‘I can’t’ that the rest of us usually have. This is so so important and it is so powerful. And why is that? Because we want to create the thoughts, and you want to think empowering and supporting thoughts, that will help you reach your goal: get the relationship you want, grow your own business, travel, loose weight, get a salary that you deserve, and anything else my darling. It is amazing what we can do just with our mind! 🙂

What does Inner Goddess Activator mean?

I came to hold this title not so long ago and it represents your inner guide: some call it an inner guide, essence, gut feeling even. And I call it Inner Goddess because it is so empowering and wonderful. And it makes me feel like a Superwoman! 🙂

This is another part of my work. You’ll often hear me say (or, read me say) “Be yourself”, “Stay true to yourself”, or “Live your life”. This is all it! If I hadn’t listened to myself, I would never have:

 Changed my career completely

 Stepped away from a dysfunctional relationship that was filled with emotional and physical violence & I learnt how to LOVE, accept & forgive myself

 Believed I deserve a wonderful relationship and I got it! <3

 Started my own business

 Healed my back pain sciatica just with the POWER of my MIND (!), as well as healed myself of stomach gastritis, sciatica, bladder infections etc.

 Started travelling and discovered wonderful places and people <3

 Moved to country of my dreams

 Started listening and following the voice of my Inner Goddess <3

Every step of my journey ever since has been due to my acceptance of myself, loving myself and believing in myself. But don’t get me wrong – this was no piece of cake! But I did it with guidance and support of life coaches, business coaches, and family and friends. And so can you!

Can you transform your life?

Absolutely! I used to be full of “I can’t” and “No-s”. Now I am asking you: “Why not?” Why wouldn’t you be able to change your life the way you want it to be? I used to be just like you. Stressed, confused, frustrated, scared, and anxious about my health condition and the way my life was. And also the way I thought I should live my life. I can help you break free from concrete blocks made out of should-s that are holding you back. Guiding you to self-love and self-worth you will be able to open up to love relationships that you truly deserve.

How can you do it?

With an open minded attitude and a belief to live a better life. With a burning desire that there is something better out there for you and that you may not know how you’re going to do it, but you’re going to figure it out. And because deep down, you know that you deserve it and you’re meant for greater things and life!

To get over the past, to move on and turn a new and a positive chapter in your life. You CAN do anything you want. I have done it and so can you! I will be here for you, every step of the way. Guiding you, giving you advice and teaching you how to accept yourself, love yourself, believe in yourself, leave the past behind and live your life as a true Goddess that you are.

Sending you lots of love and good vibes,

Tina xx

Tina Suklje Mindset Coach and Inner Goddess Activator

I’d love to get to know you, so if you have any questions, you can always e-mail me:

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