Life Coaching

What is Life Coaching?


DSC_0127Life coaching will help you to prosper and fulfill your personal and professional life. Be it by learning, improving your performance, exploring your potentials and also realising negative belief systems that have held you back until now. It is designed to bring about major positive improvements in your life by guidance and support of the Life Coach. We often say that Life Coaching is what I, your Life Coach, and you make it. It is applied to long-term changes and lifestyle makeovers.


Why is Life Coaching so successful?


Life coaching is so successful because it applies to the emotional areas of ourselves we never wanted to resolve, let alone deal with them. Be it repressed emotions, resentments, low self-confidence, anger and many more. This is where Life Coach comes into picture: realising what it is that hold you back in your life and how to get there. And this way is not shortcut. It required a lot of inner motivation, homework and will from an individual, but if you are willing to open up yourself to it, you will be deeply rewarded by lifetime changes and an open minded mind-set.


Did you say Home play?


Home play is such a better word than homework! 🙂 And it is a very important part of Life Coaching. People often think that improvement depends solely on us. We are here simply to help you see your life situation from a different perspective and guide and support you on your way to a life you always wanted. As such, you have work and awareness to do on a daily basis. But no worries – there are no wrong answers and everything is much more relaxed as in school (no negative points or wrong answers :).


What can Life Coaching be applied to?


As mentioned above, Life Coaching is very versatile and can be applied to:

  • Improve your professional life (business, better job, higher pay)
  • Create loving relationships
  • Change personal traits such as “I can’t” negative belief systems and negative self-talk, “You’re not good enough.”
  • Emotional level (to help you deal successfully with your past emotions)
  • Start accepting yourself and realise your worth
  • Break your negative belief systems (also known as “can’t-s”)


As you can see from the above mentioned examples, Life Coaching can be applied to improve your self-esteem, your professional life or even for relationships. It is very versatile and the approach differs from your goals.


What am I so much more than a Life Coach?


Since I have such broad experiences and am really passionate about the power of our thoughts and mind-body connection, I decided to mainly focus on mindset and Inner Goddess Activation. I strongly believe that we can completely change our thoughts, this in turn changes how we feel and how we act. Inner Goddess is so important because this is our calling, our heart and soul that is leading us to our fulfilled life. A feeling that you can’t really explain but it is so powerful and profound that you have to follow it, despite your fears. This creates a wonderful and loving relationship with your self, and when you combine this with loving care of your body you have a fulfilled, happy and free life. Amazing isn’t it? 🙂 You can read more about Mindset Coaching and Inner Goddess Activation here.


What knowledge, education and experiences do I have?


Studying Criminal Justice opened a completely new perspective in terms of Psychology of Crime and Profiling, which was also the major of my B.A. I continued my studies in the same programme, with the focus on Forensic Psychology, Criminal Profiling and human rights and successfully finished M.A. One of my first practical experiences was volunteering for the Victim Support UK where I also received a thorough training.


After that I decided that I will, instead of on crime, focus my life and attention on love and help I can offer to all of you who are going through the same struggles as I went. With an ultimate passion for psychology and self-healing, I decided to continue with my studies in this direction. Always being a very curious and knowledge-thirsty individual, I decided to enrol into Life Coach and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy studies in the UK. I combined this knowledge with my ultimate passion for natural healing and also obtained a Diploma in Herbalism. Since I am a firm believer that there is no institution, school or university who can teach us everything there is to know about a certain field, I am updating my knowledge and skills on a daily basis by following up the latest researches and publications in this field.


In terms of experiences my life is my best resume. I went from a completely melancholic and helpless mind-set to freeing myself from self-doubt, severe anxiety and even a dysfunctional relationship. I started working on myself many years ago and I can see progress every month – I have changed so much and I believe there’s always room to improve and grow.


Why choose me?


smaller2I wasn’t always a positive, optimistic and full of life person. In fact, I suffered depression, had long periods of anxiety, experienced domestic violence and struggled to go by each day. As such, I had travelled a long way to where I am now. I believe that this is my calling since my true passion is opening your eyes to see how amazing, beautiful and worthy you are and to guide you to live your life fully, without limitations.


With my hands on experiences and optimistic view I am confident I can help you to get better, start to love yourself, help you make a change and abandon negative belief systems. I know you can do it and by reading this you are already on the right path.


It is entirely up to you if you decide that I am a suitable Life Coach for you – we will see how we get along on our first session. You are not obliged to continue if you feel I am not the right person for you.


How long will I be needing a Life Coach?


When I first started with my Life Coach and we settled for initial three months I was thinking that this is quite a long commitment. After three months have passed I was able to see huge progress and changes in my life and very importantly, in myself. Having experienced that, I always suggest to clients to commit between three to six months because in this time we can make quite a progress. This is because we are tackling our negative belief systems that have been rooted in our mind-set ever since our upbringing and that takes some time, inner will and work.


In which ways can Life Coaching support me?


Life coaching mainly focuses on the aspects of your life where you want a change but feel like you are stuck or need an extra kick. What we, life coaches do, is that we bring about your best potentials and help you make significant move that will move you forward in your professional and/or personal life.


How do I know if Life Coaching is for me?


After trying out Life Coaching first hand, I believe everyone needs a Life Coach. Do you want to earn more money, or buy that house or seek respect from your colleagues or have you completely abandoned the idea of having a long lasting love relationship? Life Coaching is so versatile that it can be applied to almost any given life situation. That being said, it does require a lot of work from an individual.


Isn’t that something like Counselling and Psychotherapy?


No, Life Coaching focuses on the “here and now” instead of the deep analysis of the past and upbringing. That being said, we do cover history as much as needed, but we don’t dwell on it as it is in the past and nothing can be done the past events. We focus on successful way to support and guide you to move on and stop repeating what happened to you, no matter how difficult your past have been. That doesn’t however mean that your past has any last value for you or for me: I am here to help you move on from your past and enjoy in your life.


If it is that simple, why isn’t everyone wealthy and successful?

That is a fantastic question that I was asking myself when I first read about Life Coaching with a very sceptical attitude. smaller4The thing about us, modern society, is that we don’t want to deal with looking inside of ourselves. We have tried to hide those unpleasant feelings and thoughts our whole lives, why put it all out there? For many people this is so painful and unacceptable that they prefer to be stuck in their life situation or develop all sorts of excuses for it. That being said, I respect every individual’s decision. I just happen to be someone with a very strong wish to personally grow, improve and work on myself every single day. Whatever you decide, it is your decision and, it is your life to live. I just want you to enjoy your life and live it fully 🙂


With lots of love,

Tina xx


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