Hello lovely nature enthusiast,


Besides being a passionate Mindset Coach and Inner Goddess Activator, I firmly believe into healthy and natural living, and taking care of our body in natural way. I have tried it myself and healed several illness, such as bladder infections and stomach gastritis among many other, just with the power of my mind and support of healthy food and nature’s goodies: supplements, medicinal plants and herbal remedies. Here is a quick presentation on Herbalism, how it helped me and how I can help you as an Online Herbalist 🙂


What is Herbalism?


DSC_0055-smallHerbalism is a discipline of healing your body with the help of nature. We often hear how certain foods, berries and herbs can have healing properties. Most known are probably onion and garlic. There are many many other herbs and medicinal plants, along with foods that can often not only speed up the recovery but heal your condition altogether.


I believe that herbs with the combination of the right food can make a very big difference on your condition. That also depends on the nature and severity of your condition. Which is why we will talk through at your first free session and I will tell you how I can help you.


Why do I recommend Herbalism?


As you will discover briefly, I was around doctors a lot and that meant a lot of different pills. A lot. A lot of antibiotics, a “chronic” stomach acidity where I was taking pills for this conditions on a daily basis for over a year at the age of 19. You can read more about my story below.


Tina5What I have managed to do with the help of Herbalism is to stop the pills and heal my conditions naturally. Be it with the help of medicinal plants, right foods or self-healing. For instance, I had recurring UTI (bladder) infection for about 5 to 6 times a year for 5 consecutive years. That meant taking antibiotics religiously. After deciding that enough is enough, I healed them completely. They sometimes occur but I can heal them without any antibiotics. Right now I am discovering a new way, that is, healing altogether and discovering the underlying emotional reasons for their onset in the first place. I am so happy with the progress and I can help you break the cycle of (unnecessary) antibiotics intake.


How did I come across Herbal medicine and what had it done for me?


Ever since I was a little girl I had a tendency to be sick quite a lot and often visited doctors and hospitals. When I decided to go out into the world, I found it difficult to travel worry-free with a limited amount of my stomach-pain pills, just-in-case antibiotics for my chronic UTI infection and an underlying fear for new conditions. One day I decided that that’s it and I refused to be dependent on the doctors anymore. I was fed up with eating so many chemicals and I was sure there way a more natural way to heal my condition(s). So I stopped with the pills, altogether.


Herbal medicine is such a gentle and effective way to help heal our bodies in a natural way.


Tina1It wasn’t easy in the beginning, but herbal medicine helped me significantly on my way of healing myself. As such, I have a very personal view and have tried various herbal remedies with a focus on genito-urinary, respiratory conditions, immune support and general well being. The path of healing was not an easy one and I still find myself discovering new things about the diseases and my body. But I knew it was the right one for me at the time and it still is. Don’t get me wrong – there still are imbalances in my body, but rather than focusing on the illness, I focus on the underlying reasons of disease. I believe this is the only way to treat your body and mind in order to start a healing that will result in healing of the reasons and not just symptoms. That being said, it doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t treat the illness and soothe the symptoms.


What knowledge, education and experiences do I have?


Studying Criminal Justice opened a completely new perspective in terms of Psychology of Crime and Profiling, which was also the major of my B.A. I continued my studies in the same programme, with the focus on Forensic Psychology, Criminal Profiling and human rights and successfully finished M.A. One of my first practical experiences was volunteering for the Victim Support UK where I also received a thorough training.


After that I decided that I will, instead of on crime, focus my life and attention on love and help I can offer to all of you who are going through the same struggles as I went. With an ultimate passion for psychology and self-healing, I decided to continue with my studies in this direction. Always being a very curious and knowledge-thirsty individual, I decided to enrol into Life Coach and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy studies in the UK. I combined this knowledge with my ultimate passion for natural healing and also obtained a Diploma in Herbalism. Since I am a firm believer that there is no institution, school or university who can teach us everything there is to know about a certain field, I am updating my knowledge and skills on a daily basis by following up the latest researches and publications in this field.


In terms of experiences I have been practicing Herbalism on myself, my family and friends for the past three years. But it wasn’t only the medicinal plants and nutrition that changed me. I went from a completely melancholic and helpless mind-set to freeing myself from self-doubt, severe anxiety and even a dysfunctional relationship towards living my dreams: having my own business, travelling and doing what I love. I started working on myself several years ago and I can see progress every month – I have changed so much and I believe there’s always room to improve and grow.


Why choose me?


DSC_0127I wasn’t always a positive, optimistic and full of life person. In fact, I suffered depression, had long periods of anxiety, experienced domes
tic violence and struggled to go by each day. As such, I had travelled a long way to where I am now. I believe that this is my calling since my true passion is opening your eyes to see how amazing, beautiful and worthy you are and to guide you to live your life fully, without limitations.


With my hands on experiences and optimistic view I am confident I can help you to get better, start to love yourself, help you make a change and abandon negative belief systems. I know you can do it and by reading this you are already on the right path.


If you are intrigued by how I can show how you can too, support and heal your body in natural way, you can book you free session below. This way I’ll be able explain everything in detail and let you know how nature, your mind and I can help you 🙂 If you already have any questions, feel free to contact me on: info@worldnaturelle.com



Lots of love,