Healthy Body Workshops

Hello my lovelies,

Thank you for wanting to take loving care of your body! Below you can find several workshops intended to support, heal and care for your beautiful body. It is especially important to care for yourself when you have a dis-ease and your body is out of balance. These workshops are super fun, healthy and online workshops, which are personalized and made just for you, depending on your needs! For instance, I create and make a video and written recipe for a cream that suits your skin type. Isn’t this cool? 🙂

Let’s create healthier life and have fun doing it 🙂

At the moment Healthy Body Workshops are only a part of my Coaching practice.


If you have any questions, drop me a line on my e-mail: and I’ll let you know when I’m making these lovely workshops public 🙂

“Lovingly Care for your Body – you Only Get One.”


– Tina Suklje

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Healthy Cooking

doesn’t have to be boring! is a really fun workshop and this is one of the favourites! You get to choose what kind of dish you want me to put together and cook in front of you. Oftentimes what my clients pick is something that they love, but want to make it healthier without a clue how to make this. I give you simple and healthy tips, or tasty alternatives.

Healing Food

is a wonderful workshop where I show you one or two dishes that will support your body in its process of healing: be it a cold, flu, sinuses, bladder infection, Candida and anything else. I have supported my body on so many occasions and it is the best thing you can for yourself to eat healing food. Food is medicine after all 🙂

Healthy Food Substitutes

My clients often discover through some discussion that they have either an allergy or food intolerance, and that immediately creates concern and worry: “What can I eat now?”, “Will I ever be able to eat that food again?”. One of such food intolerances is gluten, and then you may start worrying, that you won’t be able to eat pizza, pancakes or pasta any longer! No worries my lovely one, you can eat all of the above, and I will show you everything you can eat. And all of my recipes are always sugar-free, gluten-free, and can be vegetarian, vegan or paleo. I love cooking and have been experimenting and cooking for several years, and this way I learnt to support my way in a wonderful and natural way.

Shopping for the Right Food

Did you know that ‘Sugar-free’, ‘Zero-sugar’, ‘Zero-fat’ are the worst products you can buy? Choose this workshop if you would like to learn how food manufacturers hide sugar in the most unexpected products, and how to discover them.

Natural Skincare Product

is created just for you, depending on your skin type! I make a cream/lotion/body butter or balm for your skin type and then ship it to you wherever you live in the world 🙂 You also get a video and written recipe!

Chemical-free Cosmetic product

Is a fun workshop where we create products such as homemade toothpaste or deodorant. 🙂

Herbal Remedies

include a recipe and making-of a herbal remedy for a particular condition, using only nature’s goodies. We will focus on what you need at the moment and you get a video and written recipe 🙂 I’m a passionate Herbalist and nature lover and know just how important it is to support your body in natural way.

How to Pick the Right Supplement for You?

Buying a supplement that suits you can be very confusing, so I created this workshop where we will discuss your particular needs and how you can know which supplement is right for you and of best quality.

Basic Aromatherapy

is a lovely workshop where we discuss a couple of essential oils that you would benefit most. And essential oils don’t help just with your mood; they have so many beneficial properties for your health! It is an amazing way to support your body and your emotions! 🙂

Candle making

is a fun and lovely workshop where I make a candle (vegan or non-vegan), a very healthy candle without any nasties. Candles are wonderful to help you relax and have a good time! 🙂

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